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Mirrors Worldwide specializes in creative and custom promotional products. We are one of only two companies that operate this type of equipment in the United States. You can see here how we are able to produce quality products at an affordable price by cutting out the middleman and passing the savings onto you.

The manufacturing process is fascinating, please watch our video...

The manufacturing process of mirror creation is very interesting. Made from a continually processed acrylic or polycarbonate sheet, mirrors are created using a process of vacuum metalizing, in which the sheet is given a mirror finish backed by a durable protective coating. If your mirror has printing or a design printed on it, it is first run through one of our large format digital printers. The printing is actually done in reverse on the back side of the acrylic before it is vacuum metalized so the image or design is totally protected under the acrylic.


If it is a Convex or DomeVex® mirror, the acrylic sheet is first put into a furnace to heat the material so it is very soft then run through a vacuum or pressure forming machine which creates the dome. Then it is mirrored after that process.


Lastly, if your mirror has a backing it is attached then it is precisely cut out using a laser so the edges are crisp and clean before it is packaged up safely and sent to you. 

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